About Tavern Puzzles

Tavern Puzzles® evolved from reproductions of hand-forged artefacts that Dennis Sucilsky came across while researching architectural hardware.  As a blacksmith, Dennis was able to use his knowledge of iron-working and tool making for production of metal puzzles.

The earliest Tavern Puzzles® are based on designs centuries old.  New styles are added on a regular basis; some of these are original designs, others are new versions of classics.

All designs are made from steel; some incorporate wooden beads as well.  Dimensions vary, depending on style, ranging from 8" to 14" long, and 4" to 6" wide.  Most designs weigh within a few ounces of one pound.  Each puzzle is packaged in a drawstring cloth bag and comes with a descriptive sheet that shows the object of the puzzle.

The purpose of any puzzle is to provide a challenge, entertainment, and fun.  The Tavern Puzzle Collection does all three, on several different levels.

Tucker-Jones House, Inc. was established in 1975.  It is a family business, owned and operated by Dennis and Donna Sucilsky.

Dennis Sucilsky is a museum trained, traditional blacksmith.  His specialty is 18th and 19th century architectural hardware.  In 1980, Dennis began production of metal puzzles.  Incorporating both traditional and original designs, the Tavern Puzzle® Collection emerged.

Tucker-Jones House, Inc. is the only company that makes the Tavern Puzzle® Collection.  Their trademark assures you quality, value, and service.